Referral on behalf of a client

About You

About Your Client

This is required for a legal advice appointment

FLAG DV is able to provide free translator appointments for clients

By providing information on their living situation this will enable much clearer advice to their situation as advice for a homeowner will be different than for that of a renter. 

Please answer the following. FLAG DV has various other support organisations they can link to based on a clients specific demographics. This information will speed up the referral process

About the Perpetrator

Providing the details of the perpetrator and any children allows our solicitors to complete a Conflict of Interest Check. if you have this information available it allows us the speed up the process with the client.

Please note we will never contact the perpetrator. 

About any dependents

Legal History

Prior to the clinic appointment it is helpful for the solicitor to have some background information so as to be as prepared as possible. Whilst we are not an emergency service we may use the information here to help prioritise appointments.
How long have they been considering taking action?

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FLAG DV will comply with the Berkshire multi-agency adult safeguarding policy and procedures which are built on strong multi-agency partnerships working together, to prevent abuse and neglect where possible, and provide a consistent approach when responding to safeguarding concerns. This entails joint accountability for the management of risk, timely information sharing, co-operation and a collegiate approach that respects boundaries and confidentiality within legal frameworks.  You can find our full privacy policy here.