Join FLAG DV as a Volunteering Family Law Solicitor

At FLAG DV, we’re dedicated to providing critical legal advice to individuals and families affected by domestic abuse across Thames Valley and Hampshire. Our mission is fueled by compassion, legal expertise, and a commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Why Volunteer with FLAG DV?


  • Meaningful Impact: As a volunteering family law solicitor at FLAG DV, you’ll directly impact the lives of individuals and families experiencing domestic abuse. Your legal expertise can be a lifeline for those navigating complex legal situations.
  • Professional Growth: Volunteering with us offers a unique opportunity to enhance your legal skills, gain valuable experience in family law cases related to domestic abuse, and broaden your professional network.
  • Flexible Commitment: We understand the demands of your profession. That’s why we work with our solicitors to find a volunteering time that works for their schedule. 1 hour a week or every other week is all that it takes to make a huge impact.

What You’ll Do and how we support you to do it

As a volunteering family law solicitor, you’ll provide crucial legal advice to our clients and we work hard to make this as simple and efficient as possible. Our legal advice appointments are 30 minutes, mostly over the phone or video conference where required.

Our team manage all incoming referrals and work to understand and triage client need to match them with the solicitor who is most appropriate for their legal queries.

For this all we ask is that you:

  • Complete conflict checks before legal advice appointments
  • Use our volunteer portal to read case notes before the appointment (we work hard to gather appropriate information to share with our solicitors to help streamline the process for them and improve efficiency for the advice appointment)
  • Provide non judgemental advice on family law matters related to domestic abuse
  • Update the volunteer portal after the appointment has been completed to allow for handover back to the charity and ensure clients have holistic care.


We welcome applications from qualified family law solicitors who are:

  • SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) registered.
  • Experienced in family law matters, especially those related to domestic abuse.
  • Compassionate, empathetic, and committed to making a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable individuals and families.

What we do matters


“I have put my next steps into action. I have put a C100 for in to ask the court to consider amending our Child Arrangements Order. I will be representing myself – which is TERRIFYING, but I now feel empowered to do it, compared to a few months ago where I felt powerless and trapped”

“Thanks to the advice I received from FLAG DV’s clinic I feel I have more options financially regarding legal support I can obtain without going into extensive debt and feel more prepared so I am far less anxious about the next steps”

“I found the appointment with the solicitor highly informative and reassuring. It has empowered me on the net steps to take and on my rights. Very many thanks”

“I was having problems with my abusive ex and I feel more incontrol of the situation and knowing where i stand legally has taken a huge pressure off.”

Would you like to join us?

If you would like to speak to us to find out more about how you can start your volunteering journey with FLAG DV please email us at

Solicitor recruitment front page

For a PDF version of our recruitment pack please click the link below

Solicitor recruitment pack