A2 Dominion Domestic Abuse Service (ADAS)

Improving public access to Flag DV and one of our leading referral sources; the ADAS team identifies individuals to us who may be seeking legal advice about Family Law matters. Clients can be reassured that whilst they are being directed to Flag DV for legal advice their emotional and practical needs will also be recognised and responded to by a specialist from the ADAS team. Their service is client led & inclusive; similar to Flag DV, anyone can request support regardless of their gender, financial position & status of the relationship.
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Law Works

The Lawworks Clinic Project provides a free consultation service to it’s member organisations, such as Flag DV, to help establish and enhance legal advice clinics for members of the public experiencing domestic abuse or violence. Lawworks currently offers all Flag DV volunteer lawyers free CPD accredited training sessions in the areas of law that are relevant to our legal advice clinics encouraging a pro-bono commitment from volunteer solicitors. Their expert consultants regularly review Flag DV policy & process enabling an evolving and high quality service provision to our clients. Flag DV clinic attendance figures, impact and outcomes are anonymised and shared with Lawworks. This gathering of information will help Lawworks publicise evidence from across their networks about the legal advice requirements of people in need, including the impacts of legal aid reforms, and why they advocate for positive change.
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Victims First

Another of our leading referral sources, Victims First are dedicated to ensuring individuals who have experienced a domestic abuse crime are matched with the earliest intervention of vital services they need. Victims First have this year (2019) influenced Flag DV to trial the extension of our service to across the whole of the Thames Valley. Venturing into the receipt of referrals from this extended area, Flag DV benefit from the geographical knowledge that the Victims First hub occupy and can direct us to those most in need across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire whom are referred by Victims First Officers.
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Building Communities Together Partnership

Flag DV are a member of the Domestic Abuse Strategy meeting initiated by the West Berkshire Building Communities Together Partnership. We connect with a selection of fellow domestic abuse reduction and prevention professionals at partner meetings and events held by the BCTP. Colleagues attending this group include MARAC representatives, local policing teams, Children’s Services, Health professionals & Homestart.

Flag DV attends to: keep informed about recommendations from local homicide reviews, contribute to strategic data collection and maintain an awareness of current local domestic abuse priorities particularly in the West Berkshire area. This forum has increased our reach and local presence as well as providing opportunities for joint project work for common objectives and intentions.
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