About The Service

The volunteer solicitor will be representing Flag DV and not their private legal firm for this appointment. The solicitor will call you on your preferred contact number at your clinic time.

For your safety and that of others, you should be mindful of whether it is appropriate to tell others the purpose of your appointment with our solicitor.

We do not provide representation at court or tribunal but we can refer you to other organisations for free representation. They have their own assessment process so we cannot guarantee they will take your case on.
Demand for our appointments is very high. Please make sure you are available for your appointment slot.
We reserve the right to not offer another appointment if the appointment is missed without notification.
Documentation examples that may be beneficial to have during the meeting

● Court documents
● Benefit award letters
● Tax Credits awards
● Details of income i.e. wage slips, details of any other income, bank statements, details of non-dependents and their income
● Details of disability and or medical conditions
● Court Date Letter
● Court Papers
● Correspondence i.e. letters, emails etc.

If you would like any documents sent to your solicitor before your appointment please get in touch with our admin team and we will arrange that to be handed to them.

FLAG DV legal advice clinic aims to provide services of an acceptable standard to all users.
Notification of failure in this capacity will enable us not only to deal with the specific problem, but also prevent it happening again.

If you wish to register a complaint please direct it to Flag DV in writing. All complaints will be dealt with by the management. If you feel your complaint has not been dealt with adequately it will be referred to the Management Committee. All complaints will be recorded and kept on file. The recording of complaints will enable us to monitor them and show any weaknesses in our systems and procedures or in staff training, which can then be remedied.